For Candidates

Long-term Career Planning

Career management is an ongoing process. Candidates’ experience, capabilities, skills, interests, and motivations change over time as does the economy, business environment and technology. Missionaire is confident to help you plan and develop your career so that your actual potential can be well utilized and your ultimate goal can be achieved.

Interview Preparation

Although a well written resume does not necessarily get you a job, a low quality resume is more than enough to prevent you from even getting an interview. Therefore, it's worth spending extra time and efforts on preparing a document that will easily impress prospective employers. Our Consultants and Directors are experienced and willing to make your resume work for you in your job search.

Preparing your Resumé

During an interview, not only your capability to fulfill the position is assessed, but also your suitability to the team. To impress the interviewer, you are expected to precisely introduce yourself, build rapport, reveal attitudes, opinions and communicate confidently. Most importantly, you are encouraged to demonstrate the benefit and relevance of your skills and experience to prospective employers. At Missionaire, we are able to assist you in your interview preparation on the following aspects:

  • Review and research on company background and job description / responsibilities
  • Potential questions to be asked, situational and behavioral questions
  • Body Language and gesture (Eye contact, handshake, etc.)
  • Presenting positive attitudes